To Miss Emma – Happy Sweet 16

To Miss Emma – Happy Sweet 16!

You turned 16 years old last week.  For me it was a moment of shock, accomplishment, pride, nerves and fear. It was a day of massively mixed emotions, all of which I felt the need to hide to protect you and myself and in all honesty,  I am not sure why.

Emma Young Woman

Mom Sucks – But Does She Really?

I see you roll your eyes and hear your annoyed sigh when I tell you for the one-thousandth time that you should go slow and be careful this morning. Someday you will understand the gut-wrenching fear that grips my soul every time you drive away from home.

I hear your little snarky comments and see you occasionally bite your tongue when I remind you to have good manners, behave and watch your language. I hope you see the pride in my eyes when I am told what a nice young woman I’ve raised.

I see the annoyance on your face when I or Steve decide that today would be a good day for a reminder about drinking, texting and driving, vaping, drugs, sex…..whatever the lucky topic may be that day. Yes, we know you know. But it’s our job to be 110% sure we have covered everything and that you get it! And Respect yourself enough to carry out what we talk about!

Emma Sweet 16

Life Changes Brings Changes

I hear you laughing in your room, which can only mean you’re on the phone again…still, constantly. Please understand that your laugh still warms my heart even though it sounds so different from the one I used to be able to get out of you.

I can see when you are upset, bothered, annoyed and/or concerned.  I also see you shrug your shoulders when I ask what’s bugging you. Please understand that I’m always here but trying hard not to nag; and yet desperately trying to remain involved in your life.

I see you struggling how to word a question to me that is going to get you the best possible outcome. Again, trust me when I say that I want to say yes nine times out of 10; but sometimes I just can’t for a variety of reasons some of which you just won’t understand.

Sixteen is freedom in your eyes. In some ways, it is in mine too. I don’t miss waiting 30 minutes past the time practice was supposed to have ended. Or toting you and your friends all over town and back.

Emma Grows Up

You Are Your Own Person

Whether it be work, school or cheer or whatever your heart desires your dedication and work ethics continues to impress me. This is how I know you are going to be amazing wherever life takes you.

I love the questions and opinions you bring to me about politics, religion or any other current issue. That’s how I know you’re exploring and engaged in the world around you. It’s how I know you’re looking for ways to defend your (not mine, your peers or whomevers) morals and beliefs. Nothing makes me prouder.

Know that I am proud of the decisions you have made so far.

I see the pressure you carry on your shoulders sometimes. I know that I have high expectations. And I also know that some of it comes from being the only child at home. But know that I don’t expect perfection, I promise.

Be patient with me as I learn to let go a little at a time. Even though you are equal to me in size, I still see the little girl with the tender heart, spunky style and adventure in her eyes. I also see the woman you are becoming with the kind heart and the work ethic that will make you successful in any adventure you seek.

Happy Birthday Miss Emma!



Adapted from original post on Busy But Blessed

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