I’m Over This….

I’m Over This – Can you say everyday is Monday?

I know that today’s Thursday but let me tell y’all every day this week has felt like a Monday for me.

I know, you’re thinking how can every day be a Monday?

Well…let me tell you!

Today for example started off with poop! Lots and lots of runny dog poop. Mr. Tanner, my Airedale baby, is on antibiotics and apparently they gave him the cha-cha-cha’s! Diarrhea y’all. Apparently my poor baby just couldn’t hold it any longer. So, here it is 5 AM we are awoken by the odoriferous emanations of Parfum de Tanner.

So here I am hair piled in what started as a messy bun turned into a half up-half down, disheveled wild woman of Borneo mess (my hair tie is in there somewhere)

Over This…

So here I am-hair piled in what started as a messy bun turned into a half up-half down, disheveled wild woman of Borneo mess (my hair tie is in there somewhere), in my jammies, picking up poop and then comes in the cat. Oh Maui, sweet Maui, steps in and around the poop and start spreading the poop… Yeah lovely right?

Mr. Steve – Tries To Save The Day

So Mr. Steve, my wonderful, amazing husband, must have caught a glimpse of that look in my eye. You know the look, the one where your up an hour early, cleaning dog crap and if anything else happens you will hurt, mame or kill something, be it an innocent or not, yeah I had it.

Anyhow we have a decent size window above our toilet in the master bathroom. So he opens the window, grabs the cat and chucks it out the window. Now don’t get your panties in a wad and start yelling at me….our trash dumpsters are right below it so there’s no harm – it’s not like it was all that bad, just a little like 6 inch drop. Anytime we have the window open the cat uses it as her own personal entrance to the home. So this is nothing new for her.

Oh Sweet Maui

I’m still cleaning up poop when the cat decides she’s coming back inside. So she jumps, however, she overshot her jump, missed the windowsill and aimed for the toilet. The toilet which had the lid and the seat up. It was seriously like a three point shot, nothing but net, a true basketball player would be impressed. Yep that’s right, Maui landed right in the toilet, water splashed everywhere, and wet cat went flying, ran across my bed, sheets are now soaked in cat-toilet water…10 minutes into my day and I was already done!

From there it just kept going…my blog post didn’t happen, the Pinterest link was bad, I go to work and my painting vendor got paint all over the floor of the unit he worked on; ruining the wood floors. We went out for lunch and the waiter dump the basket of tortilla chips on me… Yeah I am so over this week! Seriously, I’m just done!

When Will It End? I’m Over This!

NOW! The pity party is over! As you can see I have been able to come home and reflect on my day.  Even though it is past midnight and I am sitting here writing this post I can see the humor in everything that has happened. This morning, my humor was being tested and I find that I do struggle in the moments where life bitch-slaps me in the face.

My motto is and will always be

‘Never lose your sense of humor’

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